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  • Meeting the Standards – Health and Mental Wellness 00:02:00
  • Health and Mental Wellness Quiz Unlimited
  • What Every Child Needs for Good Mental Health Article 00:00:00
  • Article Questions – Health and Mental Wellness Unlimited
  • Book Study – Health and Mental Wellness Unlimited

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  1. Health and Mental Wellness


    Good for teaching children to work together

  2. Mental health


    Pretty interesting.

  3. Health and mental wellness


    Excellent course. I just think some of the benchmarks can be combined to meet more that one within a single activity.

  4. Health and Mental Wellness


    Good training, lengthy quizzes, should get more hours for all the work.

  5. I enjoyed this course.


    I am really big on mental health and wellness. I think this is my favorite part of working with young children because although math and language arts are important topics, I think mental health and wellness are more important and it’s more interesting for me as a teacher to implement these.

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