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  • Meeting the Standards – Health and Mental Wellness 00:02:00
  • Health and Mental Wellness Quiz Unlimited
  • What Every Child Needs for Good Mental Health Article 00:00:00
  • Article Questions – Health and Mental Wellness Unlimited
  • Book Study – Health and Mental Wellness Unlimited

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  1. Health and mental wellness


    Excellent course. I just think some of the benchmarks can be combined to meet more that one within a single activity.

  2. Health and Mental Wellness


    Good training, lengthy quizzes, should get more hours for all the work.

  3. I enjoyed this course.


    I am really big on mental health and wellness. I think this is my favorite part of working with young children because although math and language arts are important topics, I think mental health and wellness are more important and it’s more interesting for me as a teacher to implement these.

  4. Health and Mental Wellness


    Very informative class and will help with helping children develop their sense of self.

  5. Very confused at possible computer errors with grading.


    Very unsatisfied with a possible computer glitch with several questions and answers in the first part.

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