Course Curriculum

SECTION ONE; Building Your Foundation
Unit ONE, Section ONE: Writing with Pictures Details 00:40:00
Start a sketchbook. Start sketching 10, 00:00
Unit TWO, Section ONE: Selecting Your Path Details 00:40:00
Look for an artist or an artist’s work that you enjoy 10, 00:00
Unit THREE, Section ONE: Selecting Your Medium Details 00:40:00
Select a Medium 10, 00:00
Unit FOUR, Section ONE: Building Your Script Details 00:40:00
Write a detailed description of your story, message, or idea in the form of a script. 10, 00:00
SECTION 2 : Developing Your Project
From Script to Storyboard Details 00:55:00
Post an image of your storyboard in progress. 10, 00:00
Composition and Space Details 00:55:00
Artist Research 10, 00:00
Character Design and Development Details 00:55:00
Character Design Process 10, 00:00
Art and Communication; Now It’s Your Turn! Details 00:55:00
Image Representing Your Vision 10, 00:00
SECTION 3 : Knowing Your Materials
Managing Your Project Details 00:15:00
Time Management Details 00:28:00
Time Management 10, 00:00
Managing Your Materials Details 00:45:00
Managing Your Materials Part 2 Details 00:30:00
From Production to Preservation Details 00:22:00
Section 4 – Unit 1 UNLIMITED
From Preservation to Display Details 00:40:00
Create an information plaque or marker for your work of art UNLIMITED
From Display to Promotion Details 00:30:00
From Promotion to a Business Details 00:00:00
Assignment for Section Four; Unit Four UNLIMITED
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