Graphic Arts

Graphic Design and Illustration is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of space, type (font and text, written or digital), images (drawings and designs), and color.


Graphic Design and Illustration is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of space, type (font and text, written or digital), images (drawings and designs), and color.  

Students participating in this course will learn the essential steps necessary in order to convey a thought, share an idea, or tell a story with either ‘stand alone’ pieces of art (graphic design) and/or through a combination of art and words called ‘sequential art’ pieces.

Educators can apply this course to many different assignments and throughout many different subjects.

Course Curriculum

SECTION ONE; Building Your Foundation
Unit ONE, Section ONE: Writing with Pictures Details 00:40:00
Start a sketchbook. Start sketching 10, 00:00
Unit TWO, Section ONE: Selecting Your Path Details 00:40:00
Look for an artist or an artist’s work that you enjoy 10, 00:00
Unit THREE, Section ONE: Selecting Your Medium Details 00:40:00
Select a Medium 10, 00:00
Unit FOUR, Section ONE: Building Your Script Details 00:40:00
Write a detailed description of your story, message, or idea in the form of a script. 10, 00:00
SECTION 2 : Developing Your Project
From Script to Storyboard Details 00:55:00
Post an image of your storyboard in progress. 10, 00:00
Composition and Space Details 00:55:00
Artist Research 10, 00:00
Character Design and Development Details 00:55:00
Character Design Process 10, 00:00
Art and Communication; Now It’s Your Turn! Details 00:55:00
Image Representing Your Vision 10, 00:00
SECTION 3 : Knowing Your Materials
Managing Your Project Details 00:15:00
Time Management Details 00:28:00
Time Management 10, 00:00
Managing Your Materials Details 00:45:00
Managing Your Materials Part 2 Details 00:30:00
From Production to Preservation Details 00:22:00
Section 4 – Unit 1 UNLIMITED
From Preservation to Display Details 00:40:00
Create an information plaque or marker for your work of art UNLIMITED
From Display to Promotion Details 00:30:00
From Promotion to a Business Details 00:00:00
Assignment for Section Four; Unit Four UNLIMITED

Course Reviews


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  1. Great Resource!!


    This is a great resource for teachers and students! Students can increase their art skills and knowledge outside the classroom. They can focus on specific areas or take the whole course. Language Arts teachers can greatly benefit from this program as they guide students who wish to illustrate their stories.

  2. Fun Project


    Loved having this extra resource to enhance my curriculum! The added bonus was having a career illustratior come into the classroom as well as having access to this course 24/7. Students could move throughout the course at their own pace, gave them a glimpse of what taking an online course involves and have face to face instruction from an talented illustrator/artist. Win, win!

  3. 5

    Loved it! I learned so much!!

  4. 5

    Really enjoyed the course!!

  5. 5

    this project was really enjoyable

  6. So fun!!


    It was fun to have a illustrator come into the classroom and work with us one on one

  7. Interesting


    The project as interesting. I´m glad that I was able to work at my own pace and make something that I was proud about.

  8. 5

    I really enjoyed taking this course having visits in the classroom and giving advice on my painting that I could do at my own pace. I also really like how it was a one on one activity that I could do this course throughout the school year.

  9. 5

    I really liked this course because we got to do our own projects and it felt really good to accomplish something that was worth a lot. Chris really helped me when I was stuck on a certain part of my painting and overall it was a great project and course!!

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