About Holler

A Social Learning Network for Central Appalachia
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theHoller.org – a social learning network designed for users in Central Appalachia.

Holler is designed to establish an open conversation of technology and learning in the Central Appalachian region, as well as a delivery tool for open coursework and learning initiatives. The site is split into two sections; a social network designed for sharing creative and educational endeavors, and self-paced, regional online courses. The site will not only leverage emerging technologies to achieve its mission, but will also inspire others to do the same. Using technology in this way shows that the people of Central Appalachia can utilize the same tools as those around the world and put it to use for our own purposes and betterment of our own communities. We can shape technology to our own needs, and we will begin by using that technology to increase visual, programming, and storytelling skills.

Ways Holler can be used:

  • Learn to create your own media, websites, and mobile applications by joining in conversation with others who are already attempting this kind of work, or those looking to get started. Respond via text, audio, or video and download documents and graphics to help you along the way.
  • Supplement classroom learning with online materials and self-paced instruction designed by content experts, college professors, and working professionals. Each course will include potential lesson plans, video and audio content as well as methods of instruction and learning theories.
  • Showcase exciting work you are already doing so that others may learn from your experiences. Post behind-the-scenes materials as well as finished products and start new collaborations throughout the region.

The Appalachian region needs to increase online learning and literacy of technology and the web. We need to encourage people and groups within the community to create their own work and projects with cutting edge technology, and not wait until someone tells them it’s ok to do so. We need disruptive and lasting change in the region that comes from an ownership of and increased access to technology. We don’t need permission, we need opportunity, and that is what Holler will strive to create.

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